Filium Enterprises is a software development company with its Software Development center in India which operates its giant freelance software developer team of full time innovative and highly select software developers for hire or as part of a project development team giving customer the advantages of hiring a freelance software developer with the assurance of a professional software company. Filium Enterprises an outsourcing company that performs outsourced app development software project implementation and custom software development.

As part of Filium Enterprises outsourcing services the company functions as a software outsourcing company providing software development services administered under a master service agreement and service level agreement models to provide software development services with various scopes under contract. For instance, if a software development company in USA or Europe wants to outsource app development or software implementation it would look for quality software firms in Asia especially India as it has the largest and time tested quality software resource pool of programmers and technologists.

Typically a software development agency be it in USA, Europe, Australia / Asia Pacific would want to rely on the expertise of an offshore development company in India to perform their outsourcing development. Companies such as Oracle, Google, Microsoft and large group of software companies operations in India testifies to the rich intellectual resource pool India has always offered. Filium takes pride in selecting the best software developers and make them part of our team.

Filium Enterprises is a high quality and resilient software company that hires and retains the best offshore developers in the market for internal and outsourced development typically by a software developer contractor and in growing number of cases end user organizations.

Filium is currently constituted of 5 service teams which accept software development contracts that cater to specific software outsourcing and development demands. We perform the following outsourcing services:

1-Outsourced Web Portals and App Development

2-Ousourced Advanced e-Commerce Software Development

3-Outsourced Data Handling & Analysis

4-Outsourced Custom Software Development (BPA)

5-Innovative Technology Products (RFID, Holographics, etc)

Technology Stack:

SQL, JAVA, JavaScript, C#, C++, Python, PHP, Ruby on Rails, iOS/Swift, .NET, etc., are used to implement a majority of our outsourcing projects. Our recruiters work tirelessly to bring the best of software talent to Filium and to fill any new technology demands that may arise during a project implementation. We also accept outsourced projects for Software Application implementation such as Salesforce, SharePoint, PeopleSoft and Taleo.

Our Passion for Micro-electronics

Filium Enterprises' Micro-electronics unit team are experts outsourced Design & Production of Electronic RFID transponders including UHF, HF and LF along with companion readers. Custom PCB and ASIC design services for integrated circuit development. Within each of these segments we have experience in supplying RFID transponders/ tags and readers in a large variety of formats varying in performance, design, costs and application needs. We conduct thorough performance analysis which if left un-tested in the user environment, can lead to a major project delays, efficiency compromises, management issues, or other problems leading to a sub-par operating environment.

Our Micro-electronics division has the distinct advantage of offering long-term outsourced software support through all phases of the technology deployment and hardware supply. Our competitors, by contrast, provides short term support and lack depth in system knowledge and understanding of all aspects of the RFID technology and applications. If new technology is administered correctly, most projects are successful and meet all KPIs that the management expects when embarking on introducing technology into their operating environment. Our team tackles current and future problems by utilizing its experience and foresight based on experience in deploying technology in diverse applications across the globe.

If you are a Software Development agency, Software developer contractor or software end user looking for outsourcing software development using offshore development for software development in India for App Development, Custom Software Development / Online applications / Web Portals contact Filium Enterprises to benefit from responsiveness a freelance software developer provides and the scale of a global software support and outsourcing company .